• Plasma-900X400

    plasma televisions

    Plasma Luxury

    Acquire these luxurious TV at an
    affordable price. It gives you crystal
    clear images matched with detailed
    quality sound

    prices from KSh54,000/=
  • Washers-970X400

    washing machines

    Give your Big Laundry Loads a prefect clean

    The new Powerfoam and Direct Drive washing
    machines perfectly clean every inch of your big

    prices from KSh17,000/=
  • LCD-970X400

    LCD TV is here

    See and Experience more, enjoy
    stunning visuals along
    with great sound  and
    come alive to the sound

    prices from KSh19,000/=
  • Hifi970X400

    hi-fi's music systems

    Sound Obsession

    Embrace superior surround sounds
    from fewer speaker system whenever want

    prices from KSh12,000/=
  • LED970X400

    LED television

    State of art 3D LED TV

    don't go for anything less than the new state of art 3D LED TV which gives you crystal

    clear images matched with detailed quality sound

    prices from KSh20,000/=
  • Cookers970X400


    Your Kitchen needs a companion

    Get the right companion - offer is  a wide choice of combinations capable of
    satisfying your requirement

    prices from KSh18,000/=
  • Vacuum970X400

    vacuum cleaners

    Art of living in Dust free Atmosphere

    Vacuum cleaners helps you Catch finest dirt, dust and particles with power and efficiency

    prices from KSh7,000/=
  • Kitchen970X400

    kitchen appliances

    Take home the right

    Preparing healthy and delicious homemade
    food has never been this easy

    prices from KSh1,200/=
  • Dryers-970X400


    More dry more

    Our stock of biggest capacity dryers
    dry's a big

    prices from KSh40,000/=
  • Chillers-Freezer-970X400

    chillers and freezers

    Keep it cold and fresh

    For that cold drink to the fresh kitchen stuff
    that you don’t need stocking on a daily basis

    prices from KSh24,000/=
  • Dishwasher970X400

    dish washers

    Take home sparkling joy

    Just sit back and let the technology do your

    prices from KSh74,000/=
  • Fridges-970X400


    Organize more than just your food

    Choose from our wide range of refrigerators
    the right refrigerator for your kitchen meets your needs

    prices from KSh14,000/=
  • Smart-TV
  • Microwave970X400



    The new microwaves sensor cooking adjust cooking time based on vapour emission by food

    during cooking or re warming

    prices from KSh7,000/=
  • Hometheatres970X400

    home theatre systems

    Immersive Sounds

    Get sounds from all angels, and turn your
    home into a cinema

    prices from KSh11,000/=

    curved OLED television

    OLED The Ultimate Display

    View through the Art of Curve: Intelligent Viewing optimises the picture based on its

    source to help you capture the perfect mood

    prices from KSh139,995/=