Do you delivery?

This depends on the size of your purchase and your whereabouts. For small transactions we do not deliver. For larger transactions we deliver within and around Nairobi with a  delivery charge.

When can I expect my delivery

For larger items you can normally give us direction to where we will deliver when you place your order. For items those which require special installation such as electric cookers we will have to arrange delivery if you need our help. Delivery of larger items we will contact you by phone to remind you we’re coming. For extra convenience, our large item delivery crew will try to call you 1-2 hours before delivery.

How are items delivered?

All items are delivered direct to your door, for larger items we will deliver the item to wherever you want it placed in your home. It would help us if you could measure the room of your choice, as well as any stairs and passageways to make sure the item will fit.When placing your order please specify delivery instructions, e.g. narrow road. We can unwrap and remove the packaging. Once you are happy we will ask you to check the condition of the goods and sign for delivery. We can carry out light assembly.

Will you deliver to businesses?

Yes, House Wife’s Paradise Ltd  will certainly deliver to business addresses. However, our products are for use only  as described by the manufactures and we are not responsible for any loss a business may encounter having used them. Check out the terms and conditions on the warranty sheet.

My delivery is late?

We try our very best to inform our customers of any potential delay as soon as possible Unfortunately, delays can happen which are often beyond our control.

What happens if I am not in for a delivery?

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If considering a flat-panel or large-screen television, consider purchasing an LCD model rather than a plasma model to cut your power usage by approximately 50%.

Who can sign for the delivery?

If required, anyone in the household over the age of 18 may sign for deliveries from  House Wife’s Paradise Ltd. We will also enquire from you the contact person in your household incase you are not in at the point of  purchase.